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Treatments & surgery

From eye drops to surgery, we can help you understand the treatment options for glaucoma.

Eye drops

Eye drops are the most common treatment for glaucoma. Our eye drops page has advice about putting in eye drops, information about what different eye drops do, side effects you may experience and other useful information.


Laser treatment is used in glaucoma to decrease the amount of fluid in the eye.

Trabeculectomy surgery

A trabeculectomy is an eye operation that improves drainage of fluid out of the eye. Our trabeculectomy page explains how it works, what the surgery involves and what to expect after surgery.

Aqueous shunt implantation

An aqueous shunt is a device which is implanted into the eye and improves the drainage of the fluid out of the eye. For more information about how the surgery works and what to expect, visit our aqueous shunt page.


MIGS refers to a range of implants, devices and techniques which all aim to reduce the pressure in the eye. Here you’ll find a list of different minimally invasive glaucoma surgery options available in the UK.

Want to talk about glaucoma treatments?

Our helpline team can give advice, guidance and information to support you at every stage of your glaucoma journey.

Call 01233 64 81 70 or email (Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 5.00pm).