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On this page we share the personal stories of people who are living with glaucoma. From being diagnosed to getting to grips with treatments and how glaucoma affects everyday life, these stories give a voice to those who are dealing with the disease – and may be experiencing the same things as you or a member of your family.

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David's story

David Hughes was diagnosed with ocular hypertension following a routine eye test. He was encouraged to follow a daily eye drops routine to prevent his condition from developing into glaucoma.

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Choon Tan at the top of The Shard in London

Choon's story

Choon Young Tan was diagnosed with glaucoma in April 2022, when he was in his early 30s. Choon was not sure how the disease would affect him long term and made him unsure about the future of his sight. However, now that his glaucoma is being managed well by treatment, he’s turned his efforts to raising awareness of the disease with younger people and people in the East Asian community.

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David Scott

Glaucoma and me - David's story

David Scott was diagnosed with pigmentary glaucoma in his mid-30s, following a decade of living with ocular hypertension. Thanks to multiple surgeries, he has reached retirement age without the disease having a significant impact on his life.

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Tessa Jenkins

Tessa's story

Tessa didn’t think she would develop glaucoma because she had normal eye pressures. By the time she was diagnosed, she had already lost a quarter of the sight in one eye.

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Roger Harris

Roger's story

Roger Harris was told he had raised eye pressures, known as ocular hypertension, after a routine eye test. His early diagnosis and subsequent treatment have successfully kept glaucoma at bay.

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Christine Romano

Christine's story

Christine was only 35 years old when she was diagnosed with glaucoma in the mid-1980s. Her experiences of living with the disease have encouraged her daughter to have regular sight tests.

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Jane Sibley

Jane's story

Jane Sibley was shocked when she was diagnosed with glaucoma in 2014. Finding out as much as she can about the disease has helped her to continue leading a normal life.

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Alison Davis

Alison's story

Alison Davis was at higher risk of developing glaucoma due to her brother having the disease. However, the delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic meant she had to wait a year before being diagnosed.

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Woman sitting on a bench with her back to camera, staring at the landscape

Kate's story

Kate has been having treatment for her glaucoma since 1995. She feels it’s important for people to speak out if they are unhappy with the care they are receiving, and that they should also acknowledge and praise the positive aspects of care.

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Chris O'Brien

Chris' story

Chris wasn’t prepared for the fact that her glaucoma treatment would alter her appearance. She feels doctors could be more understanding of the impact this change can have on people living with the disease.

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Close up of the side of a face

Verno's story

At almost 89 years old, Verno is living with deafness, post-polio syndrome and advanced glaucoma. Here, he shares his story with us.

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Margaret Davison

Margaret's story

Margaret Davison was in her thirties when she was diagnosed with glaucoma. Specialists at the time believed she was too young to develop the disease.

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Liz French

Liz and the buddy scheme

Liz French was diagnosed with glaucoma in 2015 and used the buddy scheme for support when she was told she needed surgery. She found the scheme so helpful that she decided to become a buddy herself.

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Anthony Walsh

Anthony's story

Anthony was diagnosed with glaucoma at the age of 40 during a routine eye test. He later found out his grandfather had gone blind from the disease.

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Jo-Ann Knight

Jo-Ann's story

Jo-Ann Knight was diagnosed with advanced glaucoma following a routine eye test. Her diagnosis started a journey that would change her life.

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Joan Dickson

Joan's story

Joan inherited glaucoma from her father, who went blind from the disease at the age of 80. She always knew that it was likely she would develop glaucoma because of her strong family history of the disease.

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Jessica Sydenham

Jessica's story

Jessica is 27 and was born with congenital glaucoma. She would like a family of her own one day and knows that it’s possible her children may inherit the disease.

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Rosie Cheer

Rosie's story

Rosie Cheer was diagnosed with advanced glaucoma in both eyes. Since being diagnosed, she has begun to realise the psychological impact that having glaucoma can have and has shared her tips on how best to manage life with the disease.

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Amba Smith

Amba's journey with glaucoma

Amba was 12 weeks old when she was diagnosed with glaucoma in her right eye, which was caused by a Sturge Weber Syndrome birthmark. Here, she tells us her story.

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Liz Hammond

Liz's story

Liz Hammond was diagnosed with glaucoma in 1998 and had severe reactions to many eye drops before eventually having surgery.

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Chris Johnson

Chris' story

Chris Johnson has lived with glaucoma for the past 40 years. Despite extensive procedures, he has still retained good sight. He believes this shows what can be achieved if you fully adhere to your prescribed treatment.

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Frances Baillie

I was lucky - Frances' story

Frances Baillie was diagnosed with glaucoma following a routine eye check-up. Prior to her diagnosis, she had no idea that there was anything wrong.

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Roy Hathaway

Roy's story

Roy Hathaway’s parents both have glaucoma, and he wasn’t initially aware that the disease could be hereditary. He has shared his experiences of inheriting glaucoma and the impact it’s had on his life.

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Matt Treweek

Matt's story

Matt Treweek was told he might have glaucoma. The delays in treatment due to COVID-19 mean that he is still awaiting a diagnosis. He has shared his concerns about the impact these delays could have on his vision.

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Person looking out to sea

My life with dry eye disease - Elizabeth's story

Dry eye disease is a common eye disorder where the eyes don’t make enough tears, or the tears evaporate too quickly. Here, Elizabeth Balsom tells us her story of living with dry eye disease.

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Jan's story

Jan was diagnosed with glaucoma in 2015. She has shared her story with us, including the impact that COVID-19 has had on her treatment.

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Robina Williams

Robina's story

Robina Williams is a Glaucoma UK buddy, and has previously had a trabeculectomy and two laser treatments. She is determined not to let her glaucoma stop her from doing the things she loves.

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Scarlett and Eleira

A tale of two sisters

Six-year-old Scarlett has raised an incredible £610 for Glaucoma UK in aid of her sister Eleira, who was diagnosed with glaucoma at six months old.

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Helen and Jill

Helen and Jill's stories

Helen Brazier and Jill Aldred were both diagnosed with glaucoma in their forties and have personal experience of various treatments. They have shared their stories with us.

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Rebecca Seres

Our family journey with congenital glaucoma

It’s hard to imagine the range of emotions that you might go through when you’re told your baby or child has glaucoma. We’re grateful to Kelly Seres for sharing her experience with us.

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Michael Elwood

Michael's glaucoma story

Like so many others, Michael’s hectic lifestyle meant he put off having his eyes tested for many years. He is sharing his story to show it is never too early to maintain the health of your eyes.

Michael’s glaucoma story
Georgie Morrell

Georgie's story

Comedian Georgie Morrell was diagnosed with glaucoma when she was just three years old. Read her story, in her own words, here.

Georgie’s story
Peter Austin

Peter's story

Peter was diagnosed with glaucoma at the age of 32. He mentioned he thought something was wrong during an eye test, and thankfully his glaucoma was detected early. He has not let his diagnosis impact his life.

Peter’s story