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Checking Glaucoma UK Services On Top of a Mountain

Glaucoma Support – Anytime, Anywhere

Find out how to access glaucoma support, anytime, anywhere

World Glaucoma Week 2021

As part of World Glaucoma Week 2021 (7 to 13 March), we spotlighted the different support channels we offer to patients and health care professionals. From the top of a hill or a trek through the woods to a supermarket aisle or the comfort of a sofa, support for those living with glaucoma is accessible whenever and wherever you may need it.

Take a look below at the different services we offer throughout the year.


Glaucoma UK | Anytime, Anywhere

Take a look at how some of our supporters use our services as part of their everyday life.

What support services are available?

As the world has adapted to COVID-19, so have we. To help support you at home, we’ve launched support services that you can access anytime, anywhere.

‘How we can help’ booklet

We’ve created a brand new booklet that explains all the services we offer in one handy place. Whether you’re someone living with glaucoma or a healthcare professional, you’ll find everything you need to know.

Man looking at phone at home

Glaucoma self care

If you are living with glaucoma, it’s natural to feel anxious about how to manage the disease and what the future will hold. But with the right treatment and daily maintenance, sight loss is preventable. Glaucoma is a very common disease, and many people who have it are able to live a full and active life.

To help you manage your glaucoma, we’ve created a guide of practical tips you can use at home. You can find out what to expect at every stage of your journey with glaucoma, from diagnosis to daily management, as well as how to access online support.

The Glaucoma UK Podcast

The Glaucoma UK Podcast Artwork

As part of World Glaucoma Week 2021, we’ve launched the Glaucoma UK Podcast. The show will feature interviews with industry leading professionals, covering topics that aim to shed light on the disease and offer support for those living with glaucoma.

You can find the show on all major podcast platforms, or by searching ‘Glaucoma UK Podcast’ on your smart speaker.

These are the topics we’ll be covering in the first series:

  • What is glaucoma?
  • Who are Glaucoma UK?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of glaucoma?
  • How is glaucoma diagnosed treated?
  • How has COVID-19 affected glaucoma care?

Listen now


How Glaucoma UK can help

Watch Glaucoma UK member Jan’s video where she talks about her experiences of using Glaucoma UK’s support services, and explains how these can help people living with glaucoma.

Support Glaucoma UK

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