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25 January 2022

Help us improve volunteering at Glaucoma UK by taking our survey

If you’ve donated your time to us in the last three years, you can help us by taking our 10-minute survey.

Whether you’ve shared your story with us, given us feedback on our documents, responded to our consultations or become a buddy and spoken to others about your experiences of surgery, then we would be delighted to have your input!

A man wearing glasses smiles as he looks at his mobile phone in his hands

We are currently reviewing volunteering at Glaucoma UK and would love to understand what your volunteering experience has been like.

The answers you give us will help us write a new volunteering plan that reflects the needs of people living with glaucoma today, and into the future.

As well as looking at volunteering roles, we would like to find out if our current volunteers represent people with glaucoma and the wider population.

We will also look at how we could encourage volunteers from a wider range of backgrounds.

Please take the survey here.