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20 June 2022

Meet Robyn, Glaucoma UK Development Manager for Southern England

For Small Charity Week, we’re shining a light on some of the unsung heroes of Glaucoma UK.

As the country’s only dedicated glaucoma charity, we provide support across the length of the UK. We couldn’t do it without a tight-knit team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about glaucoma care and ending preventable sight loss.

In this short series, we introduce you to our four regional Development Managers who work closely with organisations and professionals in their area to ensure people with glaucoma get the information and advice they need.

Today’s article focuses on Robyn Asprey, Development Manager for Southern England.

Robyn Asprey, Development Manager for Southern England

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Where to start! I live at home in Buckinghamshire with my partner and two young children. When I’m not working and generally being “mummy” I love to explore the woods at the back of our house, and spend an hour dancing at a Jazzercise class to keep fit and catch up with my friends! I also love listening to audiobooks and hanging out with my wider family who, I am lucky, all live very close.

What did you do before your role at Glaucoma UK?

Immediately before Glaucoma UK I was managing a children’s day nursery. This was something I got into straight from school, and spent a while running my own outdoor nursery which was wonderful. In between nursery jobs I spent time working for Barnardos proving support to families for a whole host of reasons, and working for a local charity who worked with adults with learning disabilities. In this role, I ran sessions to support adults with learning disabilities to self-advocate, and then fed this back into the local authority to try and improve services.

What motivated you to join the charity?

Although none of my family or friends have glaucoma, I have got family who have had other eye conditions, and have or are facing the prospect of sight loss. Having first-hand experience of how scary that can be, it made it so clear how essential support services like those that Glaucoma UK provide are. I was looking to move back into charity work as I was missing the care of the sector, so when I saw this role I jumped at the chance.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love going out and meeting people with glaucoma, understanding the challenges they face, and also hearing about their stories of things that they have found useful or reassuring in their care. Hearing that the stories, tips or information I have shared has made a genuine difference to someone’s life is a real privilege.


You can support the sight-saving work of Robyn and the rest of the team by donating here.