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30 June 2020

Our new logo explained…

The charity has grown and evolved over the years, and we feel our new name and logo reflects who we are today and gives clarity about what we do.

Glaucoma UK logo

Our new logo has three sections, representing the three main areas of our work: awareness, support and research.

They come together to form a logo icon that resembles both an eye and a clock, representing the condition and also the importance of time with the disease including early diagnosis, regular eye checks and regular eye drop routines.

Across our new materials you will see various parts of the logo being used to create interest and patterns that will help us achieve consistency and brand recognition as we are always referring back to our logo. So, when you see a Glaucoma UK poster across the eye clinic waiting room, you should immediately recognise it is as being from us.

From the very first workshop where we discussed areas where our IGA identity was holding us back, the importance of colour became clear. Although we had a diverse range of voices in the room representing members, trustees, professionals and staff, there was a consensus that we should move away from the ‘IGA blue’ which many felt resembled the NHS brand colour, and introduce more vibrant, modern and unique colours. We also made sure our colour palette passed stringent accessibility testing and allowed us to create high contrast designs. We’ve now introduced new colours which will be used to aid legibility and reduce the glare that black text on a white background can create. We are really grateful to our members who gave feedback on these background colours: this was incredibly valuable as we translated our new brand across different materials.

To create our new identity, we reviewed everything from our photographic style to our key messages and how we speak about our work. Alongside re-creating some existing materials in the new branding, we’ve also developed some brand-new materials including a suite of posters for a range of audiences.

We hope you like this new look and feel.