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13 February 2020

Chloe’s 100 miles across Lake Baikal 2020

Chloe is off on her amazing adventure on Friday 14 February.  Together with Dad, Sean, she’ll be bravely setting off on the challenging 150km winter crossing of Lake Baikal in Eastern Siberia.  The lake is the oldest and deepest lake in the world and will take them just under seven days to cross.  They will have to pull sledges loaded with their equipment and supplies with them.  Chloe was diagnosed with glaucoma when she was 12 and her nan also has the disease, which is why she is raising money and hopes that one day there will be a cure.

‘My dad and I will be walking 100 miles across frozen lake Baikal. We will be camping on the ice and using sledges to carry our equipment. Being diagnosed at such a young age was a huge shock, not only for myself but also my family. Not many people realise that children can also suffer from this condition and it is not as rare as people may think. Having visited the children’s glaucoma hospital in London on numerous occasions, I was surprised to see the wide age range of children attending the clinic. Due to the wonderful care of my consultant my condition is stable, and I have the opportunity to travel the world and see amazing things, but I am sure this is not the case for many. Therefore, I am trying raise as much money as possible for this charity so the wonderful work they do can continue and maybe one day there will be a cure.’

Our best wishes and sincere thanks go to Chloe and her dad.  Good Luck!

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To find out more about their challenge, click here