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15 September 2020

Do you have glaucoma? We would love your input!

We would love to hear your opinions and experiences of attending virtual glaucoma clinics during lockdown. How is the experience different to normal? What is good, bad or just worth commenting on? Please send comments to

Are you interested in getting involved in filming discussions? This is for a series of webinars we’re doing, presenting patients’ experiences. You would be paired with someone else who has glaucoma, and have a guided conversation about your experiences of having glaucoma and attending appointments/receiving treatment etc. It would take around 2 hours of your time, and be done via Zoom or other video chat software. If interested or to find out more, contact Joanna Bradley on

We’re also doing work on improving our booklets and other written information to make them easier to read. We need input from people with glaucoma to ensure we’re explaining everything really clearly and simply. To get involved, please contact If you ever find health information (provided by Glaucoma UK, doctors or anyone else) difficult to read, we especially want to hear from you!

Thank you.