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15 September 2021

Dr Paul GD Spry PhD MCOptom DipTp (IP) DipGlauc: 1971-2021

It is with great sadness that we share news of the untimely death of one of our highly valued Glaucoma UK Clinical Advisory Panel members, Dr Paul Spry.

Paul was Consultant Optometrist and Head of Optometry and the Department of Shared Care and Visual Electrophysiology at Bristol Eye Hospital. Throughout his career, he worked to develop and modernise care pathways, in particular for patients with glaucoma, by advocating multidisciplinary care provision. He contributed to this both directly within the Hospital Eye Service and also indirectly by involvement with professional role developments within optometry that support multidisciplinary care, such as design and delivery of specialist qualifications both in glaucoma and prescribing of medicines.

Prof Philip Bloom, Glaucoma UK Chair of Trustees, shared these words about Dr Spry.

We were all so sorry to hear the news about Paul. Glaucoma UK simply couldn’t do the work we do without the help of people like Paul and the other members of our Clinical Advisory Panel. Their dedication and commitment to helping people with glaucoma make a difference to thousands of people every year, and we’re truly grateful. Our condolences go to Pauls’ family and friends.

Prof Anthony King, Glaucoma UK Trustee, who also knew Paul well shared these words.

Paul made major contributions to the development of shared care services for glaucoma and the training of optometrists to manage glaucoma patients. His research contributions helped shape the way we deliver modern glaucoma care in the UK. He will be greatly missed by all friends and colleagues and is a great loss to the glaucoma community in the UK.

Paul will be remembered by all at Glaucoma UK for his significant contributions to the charity, his profession and to eye care in the UK.