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20 March 2024

Glaucoma UK introduces the Pitts Crick Career Development Fellowship

A collage of medical professionals

We are delighted to launch our first ever fellowship.

In honour of our golden jubilee, we are thrilled to launch the Pitts Crick Career Development Fellowship. This is a new three-year post-doctoral research fellowship, for a rising star in glaucoma research. In keeping with the original hopes and aspirations of our founder, Ronald Pitts Crick, we are looking to support a dedicated and ambitious individual who can play a pivotal role in transforming glaucoma diagnosis or treatment into the future.

When Glaucoma UK was founded in 1974, a diagnosis of the disease was pretty scary. There weren’t many treatments available, and sight loss was quite likely. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, things look rather different – we have an array of effective treatments, and most people keep useful sight for life. This change has been brought about through the dedication and persistence of glaucoma researchers, clinicians and patients. And Glaucoma UK has been involved in research since our earliest days. But we know we can, and should, do more. Eye care research is woefully under-funded, with only 1.3% of health research in the UK being directed towards eye care, despite sight being the sense people fear losing the most.

As we enter our 50th anniversary, we’re creating a new role of Head of Research, to steward our research activity, generate effective collaborations that turn promising research into real-world benefits for people with glaucoma, and engage our community more in the research we fund.

We are also thrilled to be launching our first ever fellowship. We want to invest in the future of glaucoma research, working towards a future without glaucoma sight loss. Encouraging ambitious, skilled eye care professionals, scientists and clinicians to carry out glaucoma research is key in making glaucoma sight loss a thing of the past. We are encouraging any post-doctoral professional working in a glaucoma-related field to apply. For more information about the fellowship, and to apply, visit our page about the Pitts Crick Career Development Fellowship.

Glaucoma UK’s Chief Executive, Joanne Creighton, said, “Eye research is unfortunately underfunded compared with other areas of health and only 1.3% of health research in the UK is invested specifically in eye health. That is why it is an incredible opportunity for our charity to be able to support an early-career researcher to build on the legacy of Ronald Pitts Crick and other researchers to improve glaucoma care. We are excited to find the right candidate for this project; an individual who will become a leader in the field of glaucoma research and a passionate advocate for the charity’s mission. We are also incredibly grateful to our members and supporters who have contributed to this fellowship and are thrilled for them to be part of the future of glaucoma research.”

The fellowship will cost up to £350,000 over its three-year term. We are incredibly grateful to our supporters who are celebrating our 50th anniversary by joining us on this exciting journey. To support or donate to our fellowship, and find out more about our 50th anniversary appeal, visit our 50th anniversary appeal page.