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4 March 2015

Marking World Glaucoma Week, 8 – 14 March 2015

4 March 2015

Next week marks the beginning of World Glaucoma Week (8 – 14 March), where countries around the world raise awareness of the importance of regular eye health checks.

The International Glaucoma Association will be highlighting the importance of regular eye health checks for people who are at an increased risk of glaucoma. Comments Russell Young, CEO of IGA:

“With an estimated 300,000 people living with undetected glaucoma in the UK today, it is vital that more is done to reach groups who are at greater risk of glaucoma. This includes anyone over the age of 40, close blood relatives of people with glaucoma and African Caribbeans.” We are working with optometrists around the country to reinforce this message.

Members of the IGA will also find out more about research that the IGA is funding via the AGM which is being held on Friday 13 March at The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining in London. Keynote presenters include Dr Paul Foster who heads up the UK BioBank Project and the Glaucoma Data Analysis Research Project; and Mr Ananth Viswanathan, who is the Chairman of the Honorary Medical Advisory Panel to the UK Secretary of State on Visual Disorders and Driving, and Consultant Surgeon at Moorfields.