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19 May 2020

Mental Health Awareness Week: We’re here for you

We are all facing an unprecedented amount of uncertainty at the moment, and with it being Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24 May) we want to assure you that we are here for you no matter what challenges you are facing in the current pandemic. You are not alone.

While we must keep our distance physically, there are still ways we can connect with each other and provide help.

Our telephone helpline is available every weekday 9.30am – 5.00pm where our friendly team are on hand to chat through your concerns and offer you support. Recently, we’ve received calls about cancelled and delayed appointments, and we’ve spoken to people concerned about being unable to attend visual field tests.

We understand how worrying this is when you’ve committed yourself to attend every appointment and doing all you can to maintain your sight. If your glaucoma is well controlled with eye drops and there has been no deterioration, having your routine appointment delayed to a later date should not cause any problems, but it is important to be extra diligent about taking eye drops during this time.

A huge part of looking after your mental health includes confiding in people who can relate to what you are going through or have had the same experience. It’s not unusual for people who have been diagnosed or who are facing different types of glaucoma treatment or surgery to feel nervous, scared or apprehensive. Speaking to someone who has glaucoma or has already experienced these treatments can be very reassuring. We run a buddying scheme, pairing people who have concerns about their glaucoma, their treatment or have been referred for surgery. Find out more about our buddy scheme here.

Another way you can chat with people who understand how you are feeling and are going through similar experiences, is through our glaucoma forum on our website here. You can also visit our frequently asked questions page here.

If you are on social media, you can visit us via Facebook or twitter, here you can also connect with others on our pages, comment on our posts, message us privately and even share our content to help raise awareness to others.

Whichever way is best for you, we can still safely connect, and you can get the support and advice you may need.

We are here for you.

Remember, we have a range of services available to give you the help and support you may need: