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Glaucoma UK News

15 September 2023

National Eye Health Week 2023: Take a minute for your sight

National Eye Health Week presents a unique opportunity for us to amplify our message about the importance of glaucoma treatments and regular eye examinations, commonly known as eye tests. The campaign week, which takes place from 18-24 September 2023, aims to focus the attention of the UK on the importance of good eye health and the need for regular eye tests for all.

Our campaign will deliver essential bitesize information about glaucoma that can be consumed in under one minute. The mission of this campaign is to raise awareness about the disease and emphasise the significance of timely information dissemination in safeguarding our sight.

We’ve selected seven key messages to publish each day of the week across our digital channels. As we embark on this journey, we recognise the tremendous potential of social media – a platform that connects billions of people worldwide. On average, individuals spend an astounding two and a half hours daily on social media, making it the ideal space to share valuable knowledge.

The core belief behind our campaign is that dedicating less than one minute of your time to learn about glaucoma could potentially save your sight in the future. Moreover, by other people and organisations investing only 10 seconds to share this vital information on their own social media feeds, you might safeguard the vision of countless others as well. The content has been thoughtfully designed to fit into people’s fast-paced daily routines, ensuring that time constraints are not a barrier to accessing essential knowledge.

We’ve compiled all the information into a long-form video which you can watch below.