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7 December 2020

New President and President-elect of the UK and Éire Glaucoma Society announced

We have recently announced the appointments of the new President and President-elect for our UK and Éire Glaucoma Society (UKEGS).

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) NHS Foundation Trust, Professor Pete Shah, has succeeded Mr James Kirwan as UKEGS President. Professor Gus Gazzard, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon and Director of glaucoma service at Moorfields Eye Hospital, has become President-elect.

The announcements were made as part of the UKEGS annual conference, which was held on 27 November 2020 and took place digitally due to current COVID-19 restrictions.

UKEGS, which forms part of Glaucoma UK, is a non-profit national scientific society. It aims to promote the exchange of knowledge between glaucoma specialists, stimulate glaucoma research and protect the interests of people living with glaucoma, or at risk of developing the disease.

Professor Shah is also Co-Director at the Birmingham Institute for Glaucoma Research, and recently became a Glaucoma UK Trustee. He said: “I am thrilled to take up the roles of UKEGS President and Trustee, and consider it a great honour be able to serve in these roles. I look forward to working with James Kirwan as UKEGS past-President and our new President-elect, Gus Gazzard. The next several years will bring transformations in glaucoma care that will enable us to protect our patients with increasing certainty. Looking after our patients and looking after our specialists goes hand-in-hand – each is the other’s best advocate. By working together, we will get more resources to help serve glaucoma patients and continue on our journey to making glaucoma blindness a thing of the past.”

Professor Gazzard is UCL Professor of Glaucoma Studies and a member of Glaucoma UK’s Clinical Advisory Panel. He commented: “I am delighted to have been asked to be President-elect of UKEGS. I look forward to promoting our speciality and helping to bring together all of those interested in and affected by glaucoma to make glaucoma care in the UK the best it can possibly be.”

Glaucoma UK’s Chief Executive Karen Osborn stated: “We are pleased to welcome Pete and Gus as President and President-elect of UKEGS, and look forward to working with them closely over the coming year. UKEGS is a vital platform which allows glaucoma specialists to come together and share their work and expertise in glaucoma care. I have no doubt that Pete and Gus’ vast knowledge and experience in the area will ensure that the strong UKEGS leadership we have enjoyed over the last few years will continue. Their appointments ensure the Society will thrive in its mission to promote knowledge exchange and foster the interests of people living with glaucoma.”