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21 November 2023

Railway ticket office closure plans abandoned

Train station ticket office

In a significant turn of events, controversial plans to close numerous railway ticket offices across the UK have been abandoned. The decision to shut down these offices, initially announced during the summer, faced firm opposition from various campaign groups, particularly those advocating for individuals with visual impairments.

After widespread objection, the government subjected its plans to a comprehensive consultation process. On Tuesday 31 October, the final verdict was delivered, putting an end to considerations of closing railway ticket offices.

Numerous charities, including Glaucoma UK, the Macular Society, Thomas Pocklington Trust, RNIB, Guide Dogs, Retina UK, Blind Veterans UK, Visionary, SeeAbility, and Fight for Sight, joined forces in expressing their concerns in a united effort coordinated by the advocacy group Transport for All. They addressed a letter to the Secretary of State for Transport, the Rt Hon Mark Harper MP, opposing the proposed closures.

The focal point of these concerns was the potential adverse impact on visually impaired rail users. The decision to retain these essential services reflects a commitment to creating a more inclusive and accessible public transportation system for everyone.