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7 March 2016

Vision Express and IGA working together for World Glaucoma Week 2016

The International Glaucoma Association is focusing on the need for regular eye health checks to detect glaucoma, during this year’s World Glaucoma Week 2016. With 64 million people with glaucoma globally, and an estimated rise to 76 million, it is vital that people recognise the importance of eye health.

A visit to the optometrist will quickly detect whether there is a risk of glaucoma, and once diagnosed, glaucoma can be treated. Although any sight lost due to glaucoma cannot be recovered, with regular treatment, useful sight can be maintained for life. This is particularly true in the UK, where it is estimated that there are 600,000 people with glaucoma, but around 50 per cent of these people are undiagnosed.

As a charity, the IGA is delighted that national optical retailer, Vision Express is working with IGA to raise awareness of the importance of regular eye health checks. IGA staff will be supporting the Vision Express state of the art mobile van which is touring the UK, offering free eye health checks during World Glaucoma Week. Staff from Vision Express and IGA will be available to offer information on how glaucoma is detected, who is at risk and the types of treatment available.

Comments Russell Young, CEO at International Glaucoma Association: “We are delighted to be working with Vision Express on this awareness raising initiative. We know that people often don’t have an eye health check, until they realise something is wrong with their vision. Unfortunately with glaucoma, this can mean that 40 per cent of the vision is already lost and will never be recovered. This is tragic, given that a simple eye health check could have detected glaucoma and treatment could have commenced. So long as treatment is continued, most people in the UK will retain useful sight for life”.