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Glaucoma UK News

5 July 2022

Why are glaucoma cases rising in the UK? Our team explains

A woman having her eyes checked on a medical machine

During Glaucoma Awareness Week (27 June – 3 July), we highlighted the fact that glaucoma cases are set to rise by nearly a third between 2020 and 2035.

With numbers on the rise, it’s important that everyone has an eye test every two years. Glaucoma is often symptomless, so routine check-ups are the best way to catch it early and save sight.

To help get the word out, Joanne Creighton, our Chief Executive, and Joanna Bradley, our Head of Support Services, appeared on a number of local and national radio stations. They explained that a big reason for the rising number of cases is the ageing population.

Listen to Joanne and Joanna explain more about case numbers and what you can do to protect your sight in the podcast below.