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5 March 2020

World Glaucoma Week 2020 survey. The results are in…

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who responded to our recent membership survey. The number of responses far exceeded our expectations!

Survey result infographicsAs part of our World Glaucoma Week campaign, we asked people to tell us about how their glaucoma was first detected.

The majority of those who responded to our survey had glaucoma detected via an eye test at an optician – just over three quarters. For over 65% this was via a free NHS sight test – a clear indicator of how vital free eye tests are to detecting conditions like glaucoma.

More than half of respondents – 55% – had their eye test at an independent optician. Just over 31% chose an optician that was part of a chain, the most popular being Specsavers and Boots.

A huge number of respondents – more than 67% – told us that they had no concerns about their eyesight before they attended this appointment – a response that highlights the importance of having your eyes tested regularly. As glaucoma is so often symptomless, the diagnosis will come as a surprise to many people, but early diagnosis helps to reduce the risk of sight loss and gives the best prognosis for retaining useful sight for life.

That’s why this World Glaucoma Week, our mission is to raise awareness of the availability of free eye tests on the NHS.

Millions of people in the UK are eligible, but many of them may not know it. Our ‘Are You Eligible?’ campaign is seeking to reach out to people who may be unaware of their entitlement to free eye tests, and encourage as many as possible to book one today.