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28 May 2024

Your glaucoma care experiences: Insights from OcuPlan’s focus group

We’re sharing this article from OcuPlan to inform you about the various care options available for your glaucoma care. Glaucoma UK does not endorse any particular service, acknowledging that everyone’s needs and situations are unique.

Written by Rob Oakley, Head of Marketing at OcuPlan

As part of Glaucoma UK’s AGM and Annual Lectures event, OcuPlan was invited to host a focus group discussion involving 12 members of the Glaucoma UK community. The session was marked by honest exchanges and insightful reflections, offering a glimpse into the lived experiences of individuals living with glaucoma. The goal of the session was to understand first-hand the challenges faced by those living with glaucoma. OcuPlan is preparing to launch a new remote service and aims to address the needs and concerns of the community.

The feedback during the session captured a range of opinions and experiences including disappointment with appointment delays and the need for more personalised support, especially for those in early stages of the condition. Participants expressed a preference for direct communication with consultants via phone rather than email, highlighting the importance of human connection in healthcare. The consensus was a desire for increased access to consultant-led care and interest in remote services which prioritise direct interaction.

OcuPlan is using these insights to refine its services and we are inviting individuals to join our priority list for the upcoming remote service if interested. You can find more information on our website at or watch a short introduction to OcuPlan and our virtual service on our YouTube channel