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13 October 2022

Can you share your views and experiences to help build effective pathways for people with glaucoma?

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You may be aware that Glaucoma UK is part of a partnership of sight sector charities. One of the pieces of work we’re doing at the moment is looking at eye care pathways and making sure people get the support they need, when they need it. We’d like to invite you to a focus group to hear the lived experiences of people with glaucoma, and understand your needs at different times.

When? Monday 24 October, from 5.00pm-6.30pm.

Where? Via Zoom (you can telephone in if you prefer). We will send you an invite if you are interested and available.

Who is running the session? The session will be run and facilitated by colleagues at RNIB. However, a Glaucoma UK staff member will be present at the focus group as well.

What do I need to do? Think about your experiences of living with glaucoma, from initial detection and referral, to your experiences in hospitals and the treatment you’ve received, to any help you’ve received from charities such as Glaucoma UK. What has worked well for you? What have been the most difficult points? What support did you receive? What support would you have wanted? Come to the focus group ready to share your thoughts.

What will happen with the information and thoughts we share? RNIB will collate this information. They are also running other workshops through other sight sector charities across the UK. They will use the information and experiences you share to improve the pathways work – the aim of the project is to produce an idealised support pathway. This will then be shared with organisations like NHS England, to help NHS hospitals and other providers implement the recommendations and make sure people get the right support at the right time to live well with whatever sight condition they may have.

How do I register or find out more information? If you would like to attend, or you would like more information, please contact Joanna Hodgkinson, Head of Support Services, at, or phone 07719 51 90 21 by 4.00pm on Friday 21 October.