Care & Support

Glaucoma UK is here to provide help, information and support to anyone affected by glaucoma.


If you’d like to talk about glaucoma, our helpline is available to answer any of your questions and provide advice and support.

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Buddy scheme

We have a buddy scheme that puts you in touch with other people with glaucoma. If you’ve been recommended for surgery or laser treatment, we can link you up with with someone who has experienced the same treatment.

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Visit our community forum to talk to other people with glaucoma, ask questions and learn about other people’s experiences.

Join our online glaucoma community

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Support groups

Glaucoma support groups run regularly up and down the country. Is there one near you? They’re a great place to meet other people with glaucoma, listen to talks from professionals and ask any questions you may have.

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Living with glaucoma

If you want to know how to live well with glaucoma, we have more information about:

Lifestyle factors

Discover more about living with glaucoma

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Driving with Glaucoma

Discover more about driving with glaucoma

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Sight loss support

Discover more about sight loss support for glaucoma

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Managing your glaucoma

We have a variety of useful resources to help manage your Glaucoma.

Questions about glaucoma?

Try our FAQs page

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Healthcare Professionals

If you’re a professional caring for people with glaucoma, visit our healthcare professionals hub for resources and information to help you care for them.