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Question 1 : Q: My appointment has been cancelled. I’m a bit worried about not having my pressures checked. Is there something I can do?
Question 2 : Q: What if I feel my vision has deteriorated and I’m not due to be seen for four months?
Question 3 : Q: My appointment has been cancelled or delayed. Should I be worried?
Question 4 : Q: I’ve heard that I mustn’t touch my face, eyes and mouth. How can I safely put my drops in?
Question 5 : Q: I’ve just been diagnosed with glaucoma in both eyes and the consultant has told me I need to tell the DVLA. Do I really have to do this? I don’t want to give up driving or end up paying high insurance premiums.
Question 6 : Q: I’ve just been diagnosed with ocular hypertension. Do I need to advise the DVLA?
Question 7 : Q: I’ve just been diagnosed with glaucoma in one eye. Do I tell the DVLA?
Question 8 : Q: I’ve just had my driving license revoked, but I feel I can drive without a problem. How can I appeal against this decision?
Question 9 : Q: I sent my renewal form off to the DVLA just before the lockdown and haven’t had a response. My license runs out soon. Can I still drive after this time?
Question 10 : Q: I suffer badly from hay fever. Can I take Antihistamines?
Question 11 : Q: I’ve just been diagnosed with glaucoma. Can I still go to my Yoga classes or the gym or swimming pool?
Question 12 : Q: The pharmacist said they can’t get my drops as there is a problem with the supply. What do I do?
Question 13 : Q: Are there any lifestyle changes I should adopt?
Question 14 : Q: I’ve been told my glaucoma is advanced and there’s nothing more they can do. Why can’t they operate to stop the progression?
Question 15 : Q: Do I need to put my drops in at the same time each day? What if I forget?
Question 16 : Q: I’ve been given a different brand of my eye drop and I can’t squeeze the bottle.
Question 17 : Q: I’ve just been given eye drops but they didn’t tell me how to put them in. Can you help?
Question 18 : Q: I’ve always had my eyes tested yearly since my diagnosis. I’ve now been told I can only get them tested every two years. Is that right?
Question 19 : Q: I’ve just been diagnosed with glaucoma. Can my family be tested for free?

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