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Question 1 : Q: I’ve just been diagnosed with glaucoma in both eyes and the consultant has told me I need to tell the DVLA. Do I really have to do this? I don’t want to give up driving or end up paying high insurance premiums.

Question 2 : Q: I’ve just been diagnosed with ocular hypertension. Do I need to advise the DVLA?

Question 3 : Q: I’ve just been diagnosed with glaucoma in one eye. Do I tell the DVLA?

Question 4 : Q: I’ve just had my driving licence revoked, but I feel I can drive without a problem. How can I appeal against this decision?

Question 5 : Q: I sent my renewal form off to the DVLA just before the lockdown and haven’t had a response. My licence runs out soon. Can I still drive after this time?

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