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Make eye drops a part of your Ramadan routine

This Ramadan don’t put your sight at risk by stopping your drops. If you have been prescribed drops for your glaucoma, it is essential you continue to take them throughout Ramadan to prevent damage to your sight.

That’s why our message is to make eye drops a part of your Ramadan routine: wake, drops, eat, pray, done!

Can I use eye drops while fasting?

One study by St Paul’s Eye Unit in the Royal Liverpool University Hospital found almost half of Muslims worry that using eye drops can break their fast, especially when the excess drop drains down the back of the throat and can be tasted.

It is important to note that according to the majority of Islamic scholars, eye drops are not considered to break the fast. But if you are still worried, there are some things you can do for additional reassurance.

One is to block your tear duct by pressing on the corner of your eye next to your nose, immediately after putting in your drops. This stops the drops reaching the back of your throat, and keeps them in your eye, where they need to be.

If in doubt, you can choose to use your drops between Iftar and Suhoor.

However your routine changes during this busy time, it’s crucial to continue using your drops. Sight loss due to glaucoma is irreversible, and even stopping for a short period can put your sight at risk.


Watch our film about the importance of using glaucoma eye drops during Ramadan

Managing glaucoma eye drops while fasting during Ramadan can be challenging. We’ve produced this film, in collaboration with the Muslim Council of Britain, to explain why it is important to keep using your eye drops as prescribed, and hints and tips to help you remember.

The Islamic ruling regarding using eye drops is that it is allowed. Especially if you’ve got a medical condition which requires you to use eye drops.

Shaykh Kazi Ashiqur Rahman
Imam & Khateeb of Darul Ummah London

Choosing Glaucoma UK for your Ramadan donations

Ramadan is a time for giving and compassion. Your generosity can change the lives of people with glaucoma. In celebration of Ramadan, consider donating to Glaucoma UK and support the 50,000 UK Muslims with glaucoma to prevent sight loss.

Help us reach more people

We also have two poster options available for download, highlighting the importance of using eye drops during Ramadan. If you are able to display one or both somewhere safely and prominently, please do so!

A poster with the headline "Wake, drops, eat, pray, done!" The poster features quotes and photographs of people in the Muslim community talking about using eye drops during Ramadan.

Listen to The Glaucoma UK Podcast Ramadan Special

Listen to The Glaucoma UK Podcast Ramadan Special, available now on all podcast platforms.

On this edition, you’ll hear a conversation between Jo, Debbani and Nawaz, as they discuss the importance of using eye drops and maintaining good eye health during this time.

The Glaucoma UK Podcast Artwork

Don’t forget to make eye drops a part of your Ramadan routine: wake, drops, eat, pray, done!