Blog 16th May 2022

Need exercise motivation? Getting active could help protect your eyes

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to look after your overall physical and mental health, and research suggests it may help lower your eye pressure. The problem for most of us is finding the motivation to get going! If that sounds familiar, don’t be too hard on yourself – it’s a normal human […]

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Blog Treatment 3rd May 2022

Who’s who at eye clinics & how can they help with diagnosis or treatment?

A man having his eye examined by a medical professional

The following article was originally written for Insight magazine.   We all know that early diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma saves sight, which is why delayed appointments and long waits can be worrying. The aim of community-based clinics is to speed up appointments, in the hope of saving sight. You will meet different professionals at […]

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Blog 28th April 2022

An introduction to normal tension glaucoma

Close up of brown eye silver haired woman with laughter lines

The following article was originally written by Helen Doe for Insight magazine.   What is normal tension glaucoma? For most people, glaucoma is associated with raised pressure in the eye. However, there is a type of glaucoma called normal tension glaucoma (NTG). This is when you have glaucoma even though your eye pressure isn’t very […]

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Blog 19th April 2022

How to choose sunglasses that keep your eyes healthy

A woman wearing sunglasses sat at a table in the sun with her partner

The following article was originally written by Susan Blakeney, Glaucoma UK Trustee, for Insight magazine.   As an optometrist, my patients often ask me what the best types of sunglasses to buy are, and whether the price reflects the quality of protection that they offer. The short answer is that price is not necessarily a […]

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Blog Glaucoma UK 12th April 2022

Using eye drops during Ramadan: Wake, drops, eat, pray, done!

A man kneeling and praying in a mosque.

It has been a number of years since we started our campaign supporting Muslims to continue using their eye drops throughout Ramadan. Robyn Asprey, Development Manager for Southern England, had the pleasure of catching up with a couple of people who helped support the campaign in previous years. Dr Salman Waqar from the British Islamic […]

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Blog 4th March 2022

Sightline telephone befriending service


Sightline’s telephone-based befriending service is designed to reduce loneliness and isolation in the visually impaired community. Regular phone-based befriending can be arranged at a convenient time for you. The service is staffed by Sightline’s amazing team of dedicated, friendly, trained volunteers; the majority of whom have close experience of sight loss. They provide much needed […]

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Blog 11th February 2022

New report details the impact of the pandemic on Britain’s vision

A woman wearing a mask is having her eyes examined

The pandemic disrupted many different aspects of our lives, including our health. Now, a new report has shown that 4.3 million people missed their eye test in 2020. ‘The State of the UK’s Eye Health 2021’ report by Specsavers (commissioned by Deloitte Access Economics) paints an unhappy picture of the impact COVID-19 has had on […]

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Blog 7th February 2022

Glaucoma treatment through time: a guide for flappers and hippies

An historic poster about glaucoma next to an old bottle of eye drops

For anyone with glaucoma today, the range of different treatments can be bewildering. Depending on the stage and type of your glaucoma, and your personal preferences, you might be offered multiple eye drops, laser treatments or surgeries. You will also experience a lot of tests at glaucoma appointments, which aim to identify how your glaucoma […]

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Blog 2nd February 2022

What is an exosome and why does it matter for glaucoma treatment?

Dr Ben Mead sitting at his research desk

In August this year, our new £100,000 PhD grant was awarded to Dr Ben Mead, a lecturer and researcher at Cardiff University’s School of Optometry and Vision Sciences. Ben will use the grant to recruit a PhD student to research exosomes as a therapy for glaucoma.   Ben’s PhD project developed out of his previous […]

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Blog 25th January 2022

Help us improve volunteering at Glaucoma UK by taking our survey

A man wearing glasses smiles as he looks at his mobile phone in his hands

If you’ve donated your time to us in the last three years, you can help us by taking our 10-minute survey. Whether you’ve shared your story with us, given us feedback on our documents, responded to our consultations or become a buddy and spoken to others about your experiences of surgery, then we would be […]

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