Blog Treatment 8 November 2022

Blepharitis and the mites that live on your eyelids

Demodex mite

This article was written by Liz Ball and David Lunt, and originally published in Insight magazine.  “There are mites living on your face, they can poop and cause conditions like blepharitis”, or so recent media reports claim. It’s a bit of a revolting thought, especially considering that mites are related to spiders. But is it […]

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Glaucoma glove device wins international James Dyson Award

A woman wearing a mechanical glove touches her eye

The following article was originally written for Insight magazine.   A new wearable biomedical device for people with glaucoma to non-invasively test their intraocular pressure (IOP) at home is a winner of the international James Dyson Award. Usually won by just one student innovator, the competition this year had three winners, after a record number of […]

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Who’s who at eye clinics & how can they help with diagnosis or treatment?

A man having his eye examined by a medical professional

The following article was originally written for Insight magazine.   We all know that early diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma saves sight, which is why delayed appointments and long waits can be worrying. The aim of community-based clinics is to speed up appointments, in the hope of saving sight. You will meet different professionals at […]

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