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Christmas cards

Show your support for Glaucoma UK and help fund sight-saving research by purchasing our limited 2023 collection.

Christmas cards

Our 2023 Christmas cards are no longer on sale, but you can still order an e-card. Thank you for your interest, and please check back in October or November next year to make sure you don’t miss out!

If you’d prefer to not order physical greetings cards, you can send our full range of e-cards.

Click the button to browse our selection and leave a donation in aid of Glaucoma UK.

Please consider giving a donation to Glaucoma UK this holiday season. Your generosity will help us support people with glaucoma and fund research into detection, management and treatment.

Seasonal greetings from everyone at Glaucoma UK

It’s been another challenging year for everyone, and we really appreciate your continued support. Here’s to many more years of supporting people living with glaucoma.

Sustainability is important to us. All cards are paper-based and can be recycled in your bin at home.