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Glaucoma self-care: Glaucoma friendly yoga (standing) | Digital Glaucoma Support Group

To celebrate Self Care Week 2021, glaucoma UK have decided to try something a bit different! Join our digital glaucoma support group titled ‘Glaucoma self-care: glaucoma friendly yoga (standing)’.

We are thrilled to welcome Khalid Beg from the Institute of Endrian Yoga ( who will be offering a yoga ‘taster’ session for people with glaucoma. Khalid, who has narrow angles and had laser iridotomy to help prevent angle closure glaucoma, will take participants through gentle meditation and postures which are designed to alleviate stress, aid flexibility and improve health and wellbeing. The session will be glaucoma friendly as it will not include any ‘inverted’ postures. An inverted posture is a position where your head rests below your heart and hips.

Khalid will be running two sessions, both designed for absolute beginners. This first session is a ‘standing’ session and is designed for people who can comfortably stand, walk and have moderate mobility. The other session will be ‘seated’ and is suitable for people unable to stand, and have more limited mobility. Please make sure you register for the session that best suits your mobility.

To maximise the experience and ensure safety of participants, this session will be limited to 20 people. A waiting list will be in operation.

Registration: *This group has reached capacity and registration has therefore now closed*

If you have any questions, please contact Philippa Mason on

*Glaucoma UK and Endrian Yoga strongly recommend that you consult your doctor before starting any exercise programme and you should stop immediately and seek medical advice if you feel dizzy or experience any discomfort or pain. By registering and agreeing to take part in this session, you are doing so at your own risk and glaucoma UK/ Endrian Yoga cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury occurring during the session.*