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Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead | Glaucoma Support Group (face-to-face)

Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust are running this face-to-face glaucoma support group and will be joined by glaucoma specialist Mr Ratnarajan, who will be talking through the latest glaucoma treatments. The trust’s Eye Clinic Liaison Officer(ECLO) will also be giving a talk on the services and support that ECLOs can offer. Robyn Asprey, Development Manager for glaucoma UK, will be attending the talk to introduce herself.


Registration: Booking is required as numbers are limited due to COVID-19. To book, please contact Lynn Martin from Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust on 01342 41 45 69 or

Before you leave to attend this group, please do double check with the organisers that none of these details have changed. We do our best to keep this information up to date but as this is not a glaucoma UK support group, there might be changes that we aren’t aware of.