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Who can help if I’m losing my sight to glaucoma? | Digital Glaucoma Support Group

Join our digital glaucoma support group, titled “Who can help if I’m losing my sight to glaucoma”. This session will be useful for anyone losing sight, supporting someone who is losing sight or is interested in understanding the services and support available.


If you are losing your sight, you may have questions and concerns about what support is available and how to access it. This session will specifically focus on helping you understand the financial, emotional and physical support services available across the UK, and give you the knowledge to confidently access what you need.

Debbani Ghosh, Manager at the Association of Blind Asians and Natasha Johnston from Visibility Scotland will be our speakers for this session. Following the presentations, you will have an opportunity to ask them questions.


Registration: to join this webinar, register in advance by clicking here

If you experience any difficulties or have any questions, please contact Philippa Mason on

Don’t have internet access?

You can also join this session by telephone. Dial in on telephone at 3.00pm on 21 October 2021 by calling  +44 330 088 5830 or +44 131 460 1196. To access the webinar you will need a Webinar ID and Passcode. To get these details, please contact us on +44 (0)1233 64 81 64.

Please note, if joining on the phone you will only be able to listen to the verbal presentation. You will not be able to ask questions or view the supporting presentation slides.