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Support the Pitts Crick Research Fellowship

Be part of the future of glaucoma research by supporting the new Glaucoma UK Pitts Crick Research Fellowship. Together we can continue building the foundations of a future free from glaucoma sight loss.

Only 1.3% of health research funding in the UK is given to eye research. This lack of funding means talented individuals are being lost to other fields, slowing down the pace of change in glaucoma diagnosis and treatment methods. To tackle this, we’re introducing the Pitts Crick Research Fellowship, a post-doctoral research fellowship, in celebration of our 50th anniversary.

We want to come together with our members and supporters to nurture an individual aspiring to become an influential specialist in glaucoma research. Undertaking research focused on the most critical priorities faced by glaucoma patients, we hope the Fellow will make a meaningful difference to the experiences of people living with glaucoma.

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This initiative centres on investing in an individual researcher, attracting top talent, and inspiring future investment in glaucoma research. Unlike traditional grant-funded fellowships, the inspiration comes from you – our members and supporters. What could be more motivating for this future fellow than knowing their position has been made possible by individuals living with glaucoma, who are genuinely passionate about their work?

When the charity reaches its next milestone and looks back on the 50th anniversary, we hope to be celebrating the ongoing success of the Ronald Pitts Crick Fellowship. And we’ll definitely be thanking our members and supporters for backing this new way of supporting glaucoma research.

Make your mark on the future of glaucoma research

You can play your part by supporting the fellowship directly. Martin ‘Higgy’ Higgins, a Glaucoma UK fundraiser, has committed to raising an amazing £50,000. Will you join him in showing your support? Regardless of size, your contribution is a valuable investment in advancing glaucoma research and working towards a future free from glaucoma-related sight loss.

Ronald Pitts Crick

Why is it called the Pitts Crick Research Fellowship?

As we commemorate our golden jubilee, we are delighted to launch this new research Fellowship which pays tribute to the charity’s founder, Ronald Pitts Crick. Learn more about Pitts Crick and our charity’s beginnings on our blog post titled ‘Celebrating the past and anticipating the future: 50 years of glaucoma support’.