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What will you pledge?

Will you join us in contributing to our ambitious mission of putting an end to preventable sight loss from glaucoma? We’re crossing our fingers that your answer will be a resounding “I will…”!

We are asking you to pledge your own “I will…” so that together, we can move towards a future where glaucoma doesn’t have to mean sight loss.

Your “I will…” may be committing to walk two miles a day for a month like our supporter Kathryn, or joining the Glaucoma UK lottery. Perhaps it will involve advocating for regular eye tests within your family, or volunteering to be a Glaucoma UK Buddy.

Whatever you decide, please know that you are a part of a community all making a collective difference, and we’re genuinely grateful.

Kathryn smiling for a photograph on a cliff top overlooking a beach.

Kathryn’s walking challenge

I set myself a challenge to walk two miles every day in November 2023 in aid of Glaucoma UK. By the end of November, I had walked more than two miles a day, 86 miles in total.

I was diagnosed with glaucoma a couple of years ago and despite five drops a day in my eyes, my condition is deteriorating. My consultant is passionate about glaucoma but also frustrated at the low level of research looking into this disease. The exact causes are still unknown, and there is currently no cure. I wanted to do something to raise awareness and raise some money to support Glaucoma UK. The charity is reliant on donations, so your support makes a real difference. Together we can change the outlook for people with glaucoma.

Two photographs side by side. Photo One: A girl holding a teddy sitting up in a hospital bed with a bandage over her eye. Photo 2: The same girl smiling as she walks down a grassy path.

Katy’s run for her daughter

I am running the Colchester Half Marathon to raise anything we can for this charity that could one day discover a way to help my daughter, Darcy, and save the sight in her right eye for life.

Darcy was diagnosed with lifelong congenital glaucoma at the age of five years old, during a routine health check at school. It has left her with severe damage to the optic nerves in her right eye that at the moment is irreversible.

She has since had an operation and has daily eye drops. We are hopeful that her condition remains stable and that one day in her lifetime there will be a treatment to not only prevent the disease, but, for Darcy, a way to reverse the damage already done.

Mike Miller holding his hand-written I Will pledge for Glaucoma UK

Michael’s marathon

I ran the London Marathon in 1993 to raise funds for Glaucoma UK. Now, 31 years later, I’m running the London Marathon for the second time to raise funds for the same charity.

As a trainee ophthalmic surgeon and young glaucoma specialist, Glaucoma UK sponsored my research into glaucoma in 1991-2. In gratitude for that support, I raised funds in my first marathon in 1993. That, and my professional interest in glaucoma stimulated a lifelong interest in the charity.

Any contribution you make, whether it be through a donation, getting involved in fundraising or even just wearing your pin badge to raise awareness, will help to combat this sight-stealing disease.

Below is a gallery of contributions captured at our AGM in March. Thank you to all our members for your contributions.

  • Mike Miller holding his hand-written I Will pledge for Glaucoma UK

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