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Will you change the outlook for people with glaucoma?

Our Summer 2020 fundraising appeal focussed on the need created by the COVID-19 pandemic. You can find information about the appeal below.

Having glaucoma is worrying, and under these current conditions where appointments are being delayed and eye care services are unavailable, we understand that it can feel a lot worse.

We can help by being a safe place to turn to for expert advice and support. But we need your help to do that. Our income has been significantly reduced.  Fundraising activities have been cancelled or postponed because of social distancing measures.

Your support is needed now more than ever.

Carolyn Ellery, subject of our 2020 summer appeal, standing in her garden

I am a nurse and I need to maintain my sight, so I turned to Glaucoma UK for services and information. Glaucoma UK keeps me updated on new developments and I can access the helpline whenever I need to. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of research and clinical trials to pioneer cures and new treatments to fight disease. This is why I am passionate about supporting Glaucoma UK.

Carolyn Ellery

Clinics have long been experiencing delays and the COVID-19 pandemic has escalated that situation.

In the next six months, we expect a surge in demand for out-patient ophthalmology care as we begin to resume some normality. People rightly fear that delays may mean a degree of vision loss which could otherwise be avoided. We can help, by being a safe place to turn to for expert advice and support. But we need your help to do that.
We’ve worked hard to maintain our services throughout the crisis. But we need to go further – to be able to care, inform and support people in an effective way, we’re focusing on three priority areas:

  • Sight loss prevention – through raised awareness and early diagnosis
  • Living well with glaucoma – effective management to reduce sight loss
  • Glaucoma research – improved understanding and treatment

Can you help?

With your donation we can support people, like Carolyn, but also ensure glaucoma doesn’t have to mean sight loss for future generations, like Carolyn’s children.


Carolyn shares her glaucoma story

“I turned to Glaucoma UK. I felt privileged to be able to access services and information they provide.”

Carolyn Ellery has glaucoma so does her mum and her grandma. She shares her glaucoma story and outlook for the future.

Single gifts


could motivate someone to have an eye test by covering the cost of producing awareness campaigns and materials. Your donation will help raise awareness of the importance of good eye health and regular eye tests. That helps someone to be diagnosed early, get treatment, and reduces the likelihood of sight loss.


could give two people support, reassurance and practical advice about how to live well with glaucoma. Your donation would cover the costs of enabling two people to call our helpline; giving them an opportunity to discuss their glaucoma, treatment, and possible sight loss in their own time.


could help fund a research project that aids early diagnosis, or seeks to improve treatments, or increases our understanding of glaucoma. Your donation will help by funding a research assistant’s time and clinical supervision for one day, protecting future generations from sight loss.

Monthly gifts


Giving £5 per month would enable us to provide detailed and professional glaucoma information. Your donation could help someone who has been recently diagnosed to understand and effectively manage their glaucoma; maybe reducing the likelihood of sight loss.


Giving £12 per month will ensure anyone who is newly diagnosed is able to access our helpline for support and advice. Your donation will fund the helpline each and every month, enabling fears and concerns to be address, accurate information on the disease imparted and practical guidance received.


Giving £25 per month supports our commitment to funding glaucoma research long term. Your regular gift will provide dedicated funds enabling researchers to seek better care, prevention and, one day maybe a cure to glaucoma sight loss.