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Fundraise for us

There are many ways you can help change the outlook for people with, or at risk of developing, glaucoma.

Whether you undertake a personal challenge or simply want to have some fun with friends and family, your activities will make a difference and save sight. Glaucoma doesn’t have to mean sight loss.

We have loads of ideas, tips and motivation to help your fundraising activities. Whatever you do, we’ll be cheering you on every step of the way.

Plan your own fundraiser

Shaving your head? Doing a parachute jump? Holding a cake sale? We can help and support whatever weird and wonderful plans you have to raise funds. Or if you’re stuck for ideas we can help with that, too.

Challenge events

From facing your fears to achieving your life’s ambition, we will support your cross-Channel swim, your Three Peaks challenge, or your running (and finishing) of that marathon or triathlon.

Fundraise through Facebook

You can easily share your fundraising story with friends on social media by setting up a page on Facebook. Use this template to create a fundraiser for Glaucoma UK.

Corporate fundraising (groups and organisations)

Don’t go it alone – get fundraising with friends and colleagues. Get ideas on how to raise funds at school, at work or at your sport or social group.

Download our fundraising pack

Our fundraising pack is full of resources, inspiration and practical advice to get you started.