Health Professionals

We value our relationships with healthcare professionals working in the field of glaucoma. Together we can fight this sight-stealing disease.

We provide support, resources and training for optometrists, ECLOs, rehab workers, domiciliary care workers and other health professionals.

Resources for professionals

Glaucoma A Guide booklet

We produce a range of resources for professionals including information leaflets on a range of topics, compliance aid cases and the Personal Glaucoma Monitoring Record diary produced in partnership with Santen UK.

Visit our website shop to order free materials including information booklets, posters and helpline information cards.

Compliance cases

Our compliance cases are a great resource to maximise eye drop adherence and are essential resources for anyone involved in promoting better adherence and self-management.

Each case comes with one each of the major drop aids available, plus a briefing containing basic information about the different major eye drop  types and when to use them. There’s a matrix to help you find which compliance aid works with each eye drop.

We provide these cases FREE to NHS and charity organisations providing free advice to those using eye drops for glaucoma or dry eye disease. Private practices and businesses can purchase the cases for £75. To order please email

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Personal Glaucoma Monitoring Record

Glaucoma UK worked with Santen to produce a Personal Glaucoma Monitoring Record – a small handy diary for people with glaucoma or those at risk of developing it. The Record – or Orange Book – contains insights and tips, and space to record all the information needed to help people with glaucoma – and the clinicians working with them – to monitor and manage their glaucoma.

The Monitoring Record and all our other information booklets are free to order.

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Help to set up a Glaucoma Support Group (GSG)

GSGs are a key part of our support for people with glaucoma. We’re keen to help you set up new groups, and can provide advice, help with promoting your events, and even start-up funding to help you get your group off the ground.

Download the guide

Spread the word about digital glaucoma support groups

Print our downloadable poster to display and encourage your patients to sign up for our new digital glaucoma support groups.

Professional training

For optometrists we provide CET-accredited training on eye drops. Our course will help you understand the practical difficulties of using eye drops, and help you feel confident to give expert advice on drop adherence. It’s a free one hour course and worth 3 interactive CET points.

We are running a pilot course in Scotland in late 2020, then rolling out delivery more widely. If you’re interested please email or sign up for free to become a Professional Member of Glaucoma UK.

For ECLOs, rehab workers, domiciliary care workers and other social care staff, we run courses on how to help people manage their eye drops. These free 3-hour sessions cover the importance of eye drops and the aids that can help people feel confident about using their drops. Contact or sign up for free to become a Professional Member of Glaucoma UK.




UKEGS Conference

The jewel in our professional calendar is the annual UKEGS Conference. The UK and Eire Glaucoma Society is a learned society, formed to advance excellence in glaucoma care, academic learning and training.

Find out more about UKEGS here.


Professional training in your area

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Things to consider when helping people with glaucoma


  • Remember, someone only hears about their diagnosis of glaucoma once. Take your time when talking to people to explain things at their speed.
  • People often stop listening at “you may lose your sight.” Give people written information for them to take away with them. We think our leaflets are great!

Eye drops and treatments

  • What help are you offering with eye drops? Don’t assume an individual has understood everything about how and why to use drops. Make sure support is made available, every time a patient visits the eye clinic.
  • Are you asking questions, particularly about eye drops, in an open and non-judgemental way? People might be embarrassed to admit they haven’t been using eye drops every day as prescribed. It’s common to have problems with eye drops, but patients may not want to “make a fuss.” Encourage them to talk openly about issues such as side effects.
  • What resources are available to help someone with their eye drops? Would a dispensing aid help?  What about an eye-drops calendar?


  • It’s really nerve-wracking coming for appointments – people will be concerned they have lost more vision. What can you do to put people at ease or reassure them?
  • Appointment delays are sadly all too common. If you are delaying an appointment, have you explained why? It could be reassuring for someone to know their appointment has been delayed because they have been deemed lower-risk.

Glaucoma research

Each year we provide a range of research funding opportunities. Find out more about our grants making process, research we’ve funded in the past and current funding available.

Research Hub

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