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Glaucoma UK Lottery

For just £1 per week you will have the chance to win cash prizes while supporting people with glaucoma and funding sight-saving research.

£25,000 jackpot

For just £1 a week you will have the chance to win £25,000 in the draw, held every Friday. There are also smaller prizes of £1,000, £25 and five entries into the next draw. You will have an equal chance (1 in 63) of winning a prize each week.

For each entry, you will be given a unique six-digit number. To win, the digits must be in exactly the same place. For example, if the winning number sequence was 123456, the lottery number 163057 would be a three-digit winning match, because three digits are positioned in the same place in the sequence.

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You can join online or, if you prefer to join by post, you can download this form

Weekly prizes

1st prize

Match all six digits to win £25,000

2nd prize

Match five digits to win £1,000

3rd prize

Match four digits to win £25

Other prizes

Match three digits to win five entries into the next draw

Playing the Glaucoma UK lottery helps people like Michael

Like so many others, Michael’s hectic lifestyle meant he put off having his eyes tested for many years. He is sharing his story to show it is never too early to maintain the health of your eyes.

How it works

You will be allocated a unique six-digit lottery number when you sign up and this will remain yours for as long as you want to keep playing. You may purchase more than one number, and can have up to 20 entries a week. Winning numbers are selected at random every Friday. There is no need to claim, as all prize cheques are posted directly to winners.
Players must reside in Great Britain and be over 16 to enter. Out of of every £1 you play, 50p comes straight to Glaucoma UK and makes a difference to those living with glaucoma. The rest is used to cover the cost of prizes and administration.

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Check your numbers

If you win, we’ll contact you, so there’s no need to claim your prize! However, you can check the winning numbers each week on our lottery page.

Glaucoma UK’s Lottery is provided by The Unity Lottery. Unity is operated by Sterling Management Centre Ltd, registered as an External Lottery Manager by the Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act 2005.

If you take part in the lottery, it will appear on your bank statement as UNITY followed by your lottery number.

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Please gamble responsibly: