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Organise a support group

Glaucoma Support Groups create a space for people living with glaucoma to come together, understand their disease and share information. They are such an important part of our work and we want to support you to organise groups for your local community.

Support groups are normally linked to an ophthalmic unit in a hospital, but this is not always the case. We are on hand to offer support to anyone who is thinking about organising a glaucoma support group.

How can Glaucoma UK help?

A Glaucoma UK support groups poster in a hospital waiting room

Limited start-up funding is available to help with costs – you can find more information about this in our ‘Glaucoma Support Groups: Getting Started’ booklet.

Longer term, we are can provide materials and guidance, help publicise your support group and share contact details with you for possible speakers or organisations you may wish to invite along. We will also try our best to make a member of staff from Glaucoma UK available for your meeting if you’d like us there – just let us know in advance.

Make sure to download our guide booklets below and email us at for further information.

If you would like information on setting up your own Glaucoma Support Group, please download our ‘Getting started’ guide.

If you have already set up a Glaucoma Support Group and would like further information/help, please download our ‘Running a Support Group’ guide