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Volunteers really do help us to represent and support people with glaucoma when getting involved with fundraising.  Whether you want to help collect money, organise events or create connections with groups and businesses in your community. By raising funds you will help change the outlook for people with, or at risk of developing glaucoma.


Fundraising volunteers organise or take part in a whole host of events from organising a supermarket collection stand to running a marathon.

Buddy scheme

Our buddy scheme pairs up people living with glaucoma with a ‘buddy’ who is going through, or has already had, the same experience.

Consultation panel

Every year we respond to numerous consultations on all aspects of glaucoma care and policy, and we aim to involve our supporters in these activities.

Do you want to share your views as part of our consultation panel? We’d love to hear from you.

Email us to register your interest and find out more.

Readers panel

We want to make all our information leaflets better. It’s important they are easy to read and understand and give the advice that people with glaucoma really need. It is important to us that we know we are using the right words, in the right way to get our message across clearly. To do this, we need people with glaucoma or people who care for someone with glaucoma, to help us. Even if you don’t have glaucoma or know someone with glaucoma, you can still help us. You don’t need any previous knowledge of being on a panel.