25th November 2020

Excellence in Glaucoma Care Awards 2020

We’d like to recognise the professionals or volunteers who make a real difference to the lives of people living with glaucoma. So we’re asking for nominations for our ‘Excellence in Glaucoma Care Awards 2020’.

You can nominate an individual or team from any field of glaucoma care, maybe someone who provided just the right information at the right time, or someone who gave you time and emotional support when you needed it most. It could be an excellent surgeon or nurse, an optometrist who gave you sight-saving advice, a volunteer who runs a great Support Group, or someone who’s made a breakthrough in glaucoma research.

To nominate someone who has made a real difference to you, please either email or write and tell us:

  • The name and contact details of the person or team you are nominating (organisation, address, email and/or phone)
  • Why you are nominating them: How have they made a difference to you or others living with glaucoma, and what makes them stand out above the rest? (maximum of 300 words)
  • Your name and contact details

The closing date will be in early January 2021 and the nominations will be judged by a group of Glaucoma UK trustees who themselves have glaucoma.

Please send your nominations to Richenda at r.kew@glaucoma.uk or by post to our head office.

The winner will be announced at our Annual Lectures and AGM in March 2021.

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