20th November 2020

Ganfort eye drops packaging – what’s been your experience?

Our Helpline has recently received a call from one of our members who has experienced great difficulty in removing the plastic seal covering the cap from Ganfort eye drops. The seal is very hard and the tag breaks off.

Allergan UK, who manufacture the drops, are looking into the issue. If you have experienced the same difficulties, please get in touch with Allergan UK on 0808 238 1500 or email to report the problem. A solution may be found if they are aware that it is a widespread issue, so it will be helpful for them to have feedback from a variety of people.


Response from Allergan UK:

” Allergan (an Abbvie company) appreciates your feedback regarding our product packaging. We will always do our utmost to ensure patients have the best possible experience when using our products. We have ensured this feedback has been passed on to our manufacturing and design teams to support continuous improvements, whilst also understanding the complexity of manufacturing and the need for it to follow strict regulatory and quality control processes.”

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