7th August 2019

Glaucoma grant award £60,000

The IGA and UKEGS are pleased to invite applications up to £60,000 to fund high quality research that enhances the detection and treatment of glaucoma in order to improve the quality of life for patients.

We will consider applications for clinical and laboratory-based research projects into the causes and prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment or improving the quality of life of people of all ages living with glaucoma and allied conditions.

Lead researchers must be based in the UK or Eire.

Applications can be downloaded here

Closing date: 18 October 2019

Grants will be awarded on the basis of:

  • scientific content
  • likelihood of a conclusive outcome of the proposed study
  • likely impact of the research on patient care or appropriate scientific advance or understanding of glaucoma
  • location in a suitable institution
  • presentation
  • value for money
  • ethical considerations

Full terms of awards are set out in the IGA Terms and Conditions of grant funding.


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