24th May 2021

New cookbook for the visually impaired available to order

Glaucoma UK friend and author Simon Mahoney whose book ‘A Descent into Darkness’ we have previously featured on our website, has written another book ‘First Catch Your Rabbit! Or Cooking Without Fear’. It’s full of delicious recipes hints and tips and fabulous support ideas to help blind and partially sighted people make meals independently. You can purchase it on our website here.

To be able to cook what you want when you want is a major element in the path to independence and reclaiming your life after sight loss

Having served in the Royal Marines in the 1960s, Simon developed glaucoma at the age of  66 and completely lost his sight three years ago He found support from several charities, including Glaucoma UK.

“Glaucoma UK has helped me remain positive when adapting to life with sight loss. The charity gave me practical guidance and information as well as listening to my concernsMy sight loss was preventable. I missed vital check-ups I didn’t have an eye test for about two years and when I did it was too late, I’d lost significant sight. Sight loss happens all too easily as we look through our eyes and not at them and therefore we tend to ignore them.”

Simon’s new book takes you from making a cup of tea to producing a full-blown chicken dinner for four people.

“It’s not a cookbook,” says Simon. “It’s a survival manual for working in the kitchen when you are totally blind. There is nothing mysterious or exceptional here, it is all reasonable, logical and, above all, doable. When you’re put into a position where you suddenly have to cook for yourself it can be very daunting. The degree of organisation and attention to detail that was required to cook even the most basic food was a real eye-opener for me. With any luck, using this book will take away a considerable degree of alarm if you find yourself in the same position.”

We are delighted to be selling Simon’s book on our website. Click here to view it.

It costs £11.99 which includes postage and packaging, and part of the proceeds for a book purchased through our website will go to Glaucoma UK. The book is also available to buy from Amazon, where it can also be purchased as an e-book.

Note: no rabbit was harmed or even caught while writing this book.


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