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Dispensing aid

Santen Blue DropAid



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Which bottle type can be used with this aid?

Multi-dose preservative-free bottles with a wide neck. It is not compatible with traditional eye drop bottles.

Will it help with aiming the bottle?

Yes, by holding the bottle over your eye.

Will it help with squeezing the bottle?

Yes, with large levers which hold the bottle, and help you squeeze the bottle with minimal pressure.

Other information:

Eye drops which are suitable for use with this aid might have “PF” for preservative-free written on the packaging.

Examples of the eye drops which work with this aid are:

  • Cosopt
  • Eydelto
  • Eylamdo
  • Eyreida
  • Eysano
  • Eyzeetan
  • Trusopt
  • Drops for dry eye such as Clinitas or Lacrifresh

Don’t forget there are many different types of eye drops bottle. If you are unsure which aid would be best for you and for the type of drops you have, please contact our helpline via or 01233 64 81 70. Our team will be able to advise you on the best option(s). As we are a charity, we can supply a maximum of two aids per person, and only to addresses in the UK.

We can only provide dispensing aids to people for their own personal use. If you are an eye care professional seeking dispensing aids for individuals, please contact us on for more information, including how to source your own supply of dispensing aids.

Please note that as part of the process for supplying this dispensing aid we will hold your information in our database for the following purposes:

• In the event of a product recall
• For follow-up services regarding the use of the aid
• For other related products and services we may offer.

For further information on how we process your data, please see our Privacy Notice.