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The Santen Green single dose DropAid is designed for accurate positioning over the eye with easy grip control. It is particularly good if you have limited thumb dexterity, as you can use your other fingers/palm to grasp the levers which squeeze out the eye drop. Take care though if you have had surgery and speak with your clinician/pharmacist to check the aid is not too close to your eye.

Please be aware that the DropAid is not suitable to use with drops manufactured by Thea such as Monopost and Fixapost. For drops manufactured by Thea we recommend using the Thea Eyot instead.

Please note that Minims eye drops do not fit any of our dispensing aids.

Please note: Glaucoma UK can only provide dispensing aids to individuals, not hospitals. If you are from a hospital and would like a supply of Santen drop aids, we recommend you contact your local Santen rep. If you need more help, please contact

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