We are delighted to announce the full UKEGS 2020 conference agenda. The conference is free but UKEGS membership is required.

8.00 | Exhibition opens

9:00 |
Conference opens

Mr James Kirwan, UKEGS 2020 President
Karen Osborn, Chief Executive, Glaucoma UK

9:10 |
Glaucoma, its natural history – Professor David ‘Ted’ Garway-Heath


9:45 | Basic science – The alternative pathway, not just pressure

What’s next for glaucoma gene therapy?
Professor Keith Martin          

Targeting neuro-recovery in glaucoma – Professor
Jonathan Crowston

Antibodies as possible new options for diagnosis and treatment in glaucoma – Professor
Franz Grus


10:50 | BREAK

11:10 |
Glaucoma and the new genetics

A fresh look at glaucoma risk factors  – Mr
Anthony Khawaja

Angle closure genetics: Insights into disease mechanisms – Professor
Tin Aung


12:00 | Case presentations 

Nishani Amerasinghe, Winnie Nolan, Gok Ratnarajan


13:00 | BREAK


13:45 | The Hitchings Lecture

Imaging retinal ganglion cells – Professor
Bal Chauhan

14:45 | Glaucoma care in a time of COVID panel discussion
Chair: Professor Andrew McNaught
Panel: Winnie Nolan, Karl Mercieca, Cecilia Fenerty, Stewart Gillan


15:45 | BREAK


16:15 | Glaucoma ‘Room 101’
Chair: Professor Philip Bloom
Panel: Keith Barton, Deborah Kamal, Andrew McNaught, Jeremy Diamond

17:30 | AGM & prize giving 

17.45 | UKEGS 2021

Woman having eyes tested

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