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UK and Éire Glaucoma Society

UK and Éire Glaucoma Society (UKEGS) is a non-profit national scientific society, and part of Glaucoma UK, which aims to:

  • Establish personal contacts and to promote the exchange of knowledge between glaucoma specialists and those involved in the management and care of glaucoma patients in the UK and Éire.
  • Stimulate glaucoma research by bringing together scientists and clinicians involved in glaucoma research, thereby establishing a scientific community with similar interests/aims and building a sense of comradeship and active co-operation.
  • Promote an interest in glaucoma as a sub-speciality in trainee ophthalmologists and those in related occupations.
  • Keep contact with other glaucoma societies within and outside the UK & Éire.
  • Promote, protect and foster the interests and care of people living with – or at risk of developing glaucoma.

Annual conference

UKEGS proudest achievement is its annual conference aimed mainly at the ophthalmology community, but increasingly of interest to optometrists and others. The conference is usually held over two days towards the end of each year and is hosted in the hometown of the current President.

For the first time, our 2020 conference was hosted digitally in light of the global pandemic.

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UKEGS guidance

Glaucoma Risk Stratification Tool

The RCOphth and UKEGS have collaboratively developed a clinical tool for classification of patients with glaucoma into strata of risk for significant future sight loss and an estimate of resource requirement for managing the patient. The tool acknowledges diagnosis, stage of disease, complexity of disease, rate of disease progression, life expectancy, ocular and systemic comorbidities, dependency and socio-economic deprivation. The eye-level classification should be used to stratify patients according to the worse eye which has remaining useful vision, for which the patient is willing to undergo treatment to retain sight.

RCOphth and UKEGS Glaucoma management plans during recovery phase of COVID

This guidance provides pragmatic advice on recommencing care for glaucoma patients based on clinical expertise from a variety of clinical settings around the UK. The scope of this document is to provide advice for the ‘recovery phase’ rather than the acute lockdown phase. We anticipate this phase will cover perhaps the next six months or so. Some of the points will be germane to longer term ‘post COVID-19’ services.

Research grant awards

Glaucoma UK and UKEGS co-fund a glaucoma research award of £50,000 – £70,000 for high quality research that enhances the detection and treatment of glaucoma and improves patients’ quality of life. Due to the impact of COVID-19 on ophthalmic research, we are not making an award this year and our next grant will be announced in 2021.

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UKEGS is overseen by a panel of ophthalmologists, currently:

Mr James Kirwan

Past UKEGS President

Prof Pete Shah

UKEGS President 2021

Prof Gus Gazzard


UKEGS Professional Membership

To become a UKEGS member and receive details of the UKEGS conference and other activities fill out and submit the form below. Membership is free and includes professional membership of Glaucoma UK.

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    UKEGS Conference 2020

    Friday 27 November 2020

    In the light of COVID, our 2020 conference will be held digitally.


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    The event will carry CPD professional development points. We regret that this year’s conference will not carry CET points.

    The conference is free but UKEGS membership is required. Membership is free and includes associate membership of Glaucoma UK. To become a member and receive information on the conference and other UKEGS events, please visit the ‘UKEGS membership’ tab above.

    Abstracts submission now closed 

    Thank you for all those who submitted abstracts. We will shortly be displaying the successful ePoster presentations that will be voted on at the conference.

    Full conference agenda now published

    We’re delighted to announce the full UKEGS conference agenda has now been published.

    View the full conference agenda

    Registration now open

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