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Single gifts


could motivate someone to have an eye test by covering the cost of producing awareness campaigns and materials. Your donation will help raise awareness of the importance of good eye health and regular eye tests. That helps someone to be diagnosed early, get treatment, and reduces the likelihood of sight loss.


could give two people support, reassurance and practical advice about how to live well with glaucoma. Your donation would cover the costs of enabling two people to call our helpline; giving them an opportunity to discuss their glaucoma, treatment, and possible sight loss in their own time.


could help fund a research project that aids early diagnosis, or seeks to improve treatments, or increases our understanding of glaucoma. Your donation will help by funding a research assistant’s time and clinical supervision for one day, protecting future generations from sight loss.


We’d like to express our gratitude and say thank you to all of our supporters. It is only with your help and generosity that we’re here today for anyone who needs us, and your kind contributions make our glaucoma research funding possible.

If you would like to support Glaucoma UK, there are many different ways to do so:

If you would like more information, please call us on 01233 64 81 64 or email