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Glaucoma UK is a small charity but has a big impact!

Read our latest news including recent updates about our organisation and sight saving research, as well as stories where people living with glaucoma share their thoughts and experiences.

20 March 2024

A collage of medical professionals

We are delighted to launch our first ever fellowship. In honour of our golden jubilee, we are thrilled to launch the Pitts Crick Career Development Fellowship. This is a new three-year post-doctoral research fellowship, for a rising star in glaucoma research. In keeping with the original hopes and aspirations of our founder, Ronald Pitts Crick, […]

16 February 2024

Glaucoma UK’s Chair, Professor Anthony King, will take to the main stage at this year’s 100% Optical to ask whether more can be done to fight glaucoma. Professor King will join Specsavers Clinical Services Director Giles Edmonds and Specsavers Director of Professional Advancement Paul Morris to explore the question: ‘Are we doing everything we can […]

21 November 2023

In a significant turn of events, controversial plans to close numerous railway ticket offices across the UK have been abandoned. The decision to shut down these offices, initially announced during the summer, faced firm opposition from various campaign groups, particularly those advocating for individuals with visual impairments. After widespread objection, the government subjected its plans […]

23 October 2023

Glaucoma UK is delighted to extend its warmest congratulations to Professor David ‘Ted’ Garway-Heath for his well-deserved induction into The Ophthalmologist Power List Hall of Fame. This prestigious accolade recognises Professor Garway-Heath’s outstanding contributions to ophthalmology, particularly in the field of glaucoma research. Professor Garway-Heath is widely recognised for his pioneering work in developing essential […]

15 September 2023

National Eye Health Week presents a unique opportunity for us to amplify our message about the importance of glaucoma treatments and regular eye examinations, commonly known as eye tests. The campaign week, which takes place from 18-24 September 2023, aims to focus the attention of the UK on the importance of good eye health and […]

18 July 2023

An elderly woman wearing sunglasses and eating an ice cream on a beach

This article was originally written by Trish Barron-Ganszczyk for Insight magazine. It’s coming around to that time of year where you may be thinking about going on holiday abroad to warmer climates. People often have concerns about how to store and keep eye drops cool while they are travelling. Sometimes, the extra concern is where […]

18 July 2023

Woman with phone putting in earbuds outdoors

This article was originally written by Anthony Khawaja and Kian Madjed for Insight magazine. We still don’t fully understand why some people get glaucoma and others don’t. This leads many glaucoma experts to seek out causes of high eye pressure, or to look past eye pressure at other reasons why glaucoma may develop. We know […]