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Glaucoma UK News 23rd May 2022

Welcome to Joanne Creighton, Glaucoma UK’s new Chief Executive

Joanne Creighton

For those of you who were able to join us at our recent Annual General Meeting in March, you’ll have had the pleasure of meeting Joanne already. We’re delighted to share that Joanne has now started her new role as Glaucoma UK’s Chief Executive. We sat down with Joanne to learn a little more about […]

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Blog 16th May 2022

Need exercise motivation? Getting active could help protect your eyes

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to look after your overall physical and mental health, and research suggests it may help lower your eye pressure. The problem for most of us is finding the motivation to get going! If that sounds familiar, don’t be too hard on yourself – it’s a normal human […]

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News Treatment 9th May 2022

Glaucoma glove device wins international James Dyson Award

A woman wearing a mechanical glove touches her eye

The following article was originally written for Insight magazine.   A new wearable biomedical device for people with glaucoma to non-invasively test their intraocular pressure (IOP) at home is a winner of the international James Dyson Award. Usually won by just one student innovator, the competition this year had three winners, after a record number of […]

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News 5th May 2022

New President and President-elect of the UK and Éire Glaucoma Society announced

Professor Gus Gazzard

Glaucoma UK has announced the appointments of the new President and President-elect for its UK and Éire Glaucoma Society (UKEGS). Professor of Ophthalmology at UCL and Director of Glaucoma Service at Moorfields Eye Hospital, Gus Gazzard, has succeeded Professor Pete Shah as UKEGS President. Ms Nishani Amerasinghe, a ConsultantOphthalmic Surgeon based in the South of England, […]

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Blog Treatment 3rd May 2022

Who’s who at eye clinics & how can they help with diagnosis or treatment?

A man having his eye examined by a medical professional

The following article was originally written for Insight magazine.   We all know that early diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma saves sight, which is why delayed appointments and long waits can be worrying. The aim of community-based clinics is to speed up appointments, in the hope of saving sight. You will meet different professionals at […]

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Blog 28th April 2022

An introduction to normal tension glaucoma

Close up of brown eye silver haired woman with laughter lines

The following article was originally written by Helen Doe for Insight magazine.   What is normal tension glaucoma? For most people, glaucoma is associated with raised pressure in the eye. However, there is a type of glaucoma called normal tension glaucoma (NTG). This is when you have glaucoma even though your eye pressure isn’t very […]

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Fundraising News 21st April 2022

Support Keith’s bid to cycle from London to Paris in 24 hours

Two cyclists riding together in harbour area

Keith Barton, a Professor of Ophthalmology and Glaucoma Specialist at Moorfields Eye Hospital, is raising money for Glaucoma UK by cycling from London to Paris in just 24hrs. His bike ride, which has been postponed three times since May 2020 due to the pandemic, is due to take place from 30 April to 1 May […]

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News Research 20th April 2022

Apply for the Glaucoma UK Small Grant award

A scientist wearing a lab coat and standing in a research lab.

Glaucoma UK has partnered with Fight for Sight in launching a small grant award.   The award is for research addressing sight loss associated with glaucoma and is particularly targeted at feasibility and pilot studies. The aim is to make novel research ideas more competitive for larger follow-on funding. Applications must be submitted via the […]

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Blog 19th April 2022

How to choose sunglasses that keep your eyes healthy

A woman wearing sunglasses sat at a table in the sun with her partner

The following article was originally written by Susan Blakeney, Glaucoma UK Trustee, for Insight magazine.   As an optometrist, my patients often ask me what the best types of sunglasses to buy are, and whether the price reflects the quality of protection that they offer. The short answer is that price is not necessarily a […]

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Glaucoma UK News 14th April 2022

Read the highlights from our Volunteer Experience Survey

An elderly woman smiles for a photograph with the Glaucoma UK logo overlaid.

We carried out a volunteer experience survey to hear the views of Glaucoma UK’s volunteers. It was sent directly to the 137 current volunteers and advertised more widely to target volunteers from the past three years. The responses came from: 36 buddies (people who have had surgery or laser who speak to others due to […]

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A woman using a tablet computer

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