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Glaucoma UK News 15 September 2023

National Eye Health Week 2023: Take a minute for your sight

A person watching a glaucoma information video on their smartphone. Text reads: 60 seconds could save your sight.

National Eye Health Week presents a unique opportunity for us to amplify our message about the importance of glaucoma treatments and regular eye examinations, commonly known as eye tests. The campaign week, which takes place from 18-24 September 2023, aims to focus the attention of the UK on the importance of good eye health and […]

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Blog 18 July 2023

Travelling with glaucoma medication

An elderly woman wearing sunglasses and eating an ice cream on a beach

This article was originally written by Trish Barron-Ganszczyk for Insight magazine. It’s coming around to that time of year where you may be thinking about going on holiday abroad to warmer climates. People often have concerns about how to store and keep eye drops cool while they are travelling. Sometimes, the extra concern is where […]

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Research 18 July 2023

Does menopause play a role in glaucoma development?

Woman with phone putting in earbuds outdoors

This article was originally written by Anthony Khawaja and Kian Madjed for Insight magazine. We still don’t fully understand why some people get glaucoma and others don’t. This leads many glaucoma experts to seek out causes of high eye pressure, or to look past eye pressure at other reasons why glaucoma may develop. We know […]

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Glaucoma Awareness Week 2023: Your glaucoma perspectives

Glaucoma Awareness Week is an annual event where we encourage people in the UK to talk about glaucoma. Did you know that an estimated 700,000 people in the UK have glaucoma, but half of them don’t even know it? Our goal is to prevent vision loss caused by glaucoma, and it all starts with spreading […]

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Professor Keith Barton raises £56,500 in his 10th challenge for Glaucoma UK

Keith and two fellow cyclists raising their bikes in celebration at the finish line.

On May Day Bank Holiday, Keith Barton overcame fatigue and mixed conditions to finish the ride in under 24 hours. He was not even deterred by a treacherous thunderstorm as he cycled to the finish line. Cycling from London to Paris is a popular challenge for cyclists around the world. It is a journey of […]

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Blog News 31 May 2023

Daily living: looking through a different lens

Closeup - Woman shopping in supermarket and reading product information. Costumer buying food at the market.

This article was originally written by one of our members, Jo Knight, for Insight magazine. After being diagnosed with glaucoma 10 years ago, not only did my view of the world change, literally, but the way I worked in the world changed. Suddenly, there were things I could no longer do. However, by adapting, there […]

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Blog 31 May 2023

Charles Bonnet Syndrome: what is it and what help is out there?

Close up of someone's hands placed on top of another person's hands in a caring way.

This article was originally written for Insight magazine by Judith Potts, Founder of Esme’s Umbrella. Have you ever come across Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) in your favourite TV show? While it may be a new concept to many, it is a real and distressing condition that affects individuals with deteriorating eyesight. A Glaucoma UK member reached […]

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Blog News 2 May 2023

How has the cost of living crisis impacted eye health? Poll reveals harsh reality

Broken glasses taped up

This article was originally written by Rachel Nunn for Insight magazine. The Association of Optometrists (AOP) is warning that eye health in the UK is under threat due to the cost of living crisis. Many people are being forced to choose between spending money on their sight or feeding their children and, eye health is becoming […]

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Blog 30 March 2023

Listen to our Ramadan 2023 podcast

A man kneeling and praying in a mosque.

Almost half of Muslims worry that using eye drops can break their fast, especially when excess drops drain away down the back of the throat. However, most scholars agree that drops do not break the fast. It’s crucial to continue to use eye drops if you’ve been prescribed them to control your eye pressure – […]

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Blog 30 March 2023

Listen to our World Glaucoma Week podcast

A man smiling for a photo at the top of The Shard in London

In World Glaucoma Week 2023 (12-18 March), we highlighted factors that can put you at an increased risk of glaucoma. It’s important for everyone to attend a routine eye test once every two years unless you’ve been told otherwise by a doctor, but it’s especially important for anyone who is more likely to develop glaucoma. […]

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A woman using a tablet computer

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