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Blog Glaucoma UK 12th April 2022

Using eye drops during Ramadan: Wake, drops, eat, pray, done!

A man kneeling and praying in a mosque.

It has been a number of years since we started our campaign supporting Muslims to continue using their eye drops throughout Ramadan. Robyn Asprey, Development Manager for Southern England, had the pleasure of catching up with a couple of people who helped support the campaign in previous years. Dr Salman Waqar from the British Islamic […]

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News 17th March 2022

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and Gareth Bulpin win the Glaucoma UK ‘Excellence in Glaucoma Care Awards’

Gareth Bulpin accepting the Excellence in Glaucoma Care winner's award

Glaucoma UK’s annual ‘Excellence in Glaucoma Care Awards’ are designed to celebrate the wonderful work being done in glaucoma care. The winner and the runner up for the charity’s 2022 awards are shining examples of the latest innovations and excellence in patient care. Glaucoma UK is delighted to announce that the winners of the award […]

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News 11th March 2022

Joanne Creighton appointed new CEO of Glaucoma UK

Glaucoma UK is delighted to announce the appointment of Joanne Creighton as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Joanne will take up the role in late April 2022. Joanne has over 20 years of senior management experience in the charity sector and joins Glaucoma UK from the Canterbury Oast Trust, where she has held the […]

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News 6th March 2022

Need help putting in your eye drops? Order our new ‘Easy read’ guide

Easy read: Putting in your eye drops booklets stacked

Our new ‘Easy read: putting in your eye drops’ guide is now available to order free of charge. For many years, eye drops have been the most common treatment for people diagnosed with glaucoma. Yet we know that an alarmingly high number of people who are prescribed eye drops do not use them correctly, risking […]

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Blog 4th March 2022

Sightline telephone befriending service


Sightline’s telephone-based befriending service is designed to reduce loneliness and isolation in the visually impaired community. Regular phone-based befriending can be arranged at a convenient time for you. The service is staffed by Sightline’s amazing team of dedicated, friendly, trained volunteers; the majority of whom have close experience of sight loss. They provide much needed […]

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News 1st March 2022

Major grant awarded to trial a form of vitamin B3 as a treatment for glaucoma

Scientist discussing with colleagues in laboratory

A team led by Professor David ‘Ted’ Garway-Heath, Glaucoma UK Professor of Ophthalmology for Glaucoma and Allied Studies, has been awarded a £1.9 million grant for a major four-year clinical trial to test the effectiveness of nicotinamide (NAM), a form of vitamin B3, as a treatment for glaucoma.  The trial will recruit 496 glaucoma patients […]

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News 18th February 2022

Can technology improve adherence to glaucoma medication?

Deborah Bott

Deborah Bott, a PhD Researcher at City, University of London, is planning to investigate how technology can be used to aid glaucoma medication adherence. Deborah is an optometrist with experience working in glaucoma clinics and regularly witnesses the difficulties patients have using their eye drops correctly. Funded by a College of Optometrists Scholarship, Deborah will […]

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Blog 11th February 2022

New report details the impact of the pandemic on Britain’s vision

A woman wearing a mask is having her eyes examined

The pandemic disrupted many different aspects of our lives, including our health. Now, a new report has shown that 4.3 million people missed their eye test in 2020. ‘The State of the UK’s Eye Health 2021’ report by Specsavers (commissioned by Deloitte Access Economics) paints an unhappy picture of the impact COVID-19 has had on […]

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Blog 7th February 2022

Glaucoma treatment through time: a guide for flappers and hippies

An historic poster about glaucoma next to an old bottle of eye drops

For anyone with glaucoma today, the range of different treatments can be bewildering. Depending on the stage and type of your glaucoma, and your personal preferences, you might be offered multiple eye drops, laser treatments or surgeries. You will also experience a lot of tests at glaucoma appointments, which aim to identify how your glaucoma […]

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News 4th February 2022

Would you like to support research into the diagnosis of angle closure glaucoma?

A woman with grey hair is smiling

If you have angle closure glaucoma or narrow angles, you could take part in research to help develop new diagnostic tests. We’re helping recruit patients to form a small PPI (patient and public involvement) group of 4-6 people to support research into diagnostic tests for angle closure glaucoma. This study is called ‘Glaucoma ACE’ and […]

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A woman using a tablet computer

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