Blog 1 July 2021

“If glaucoma is genetic and runs in families, why am I the first person in my family to have the disease?”

Cross section of eye

If you have glaucoma but no one else in your family does, you may understandably wonder why, especially considering glaucoma is genetic and runs in families. There are several reasons why this could have happened. Firstly, it could be that others in your family either had or have the disease, but it hasn’t been diagnosed. […]

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Blog 24 May 2021

Food and glaucoma: ideas for your shopping list

When you’re faced with the news that you have a medical condition, whether it is an eye disease like glaucoma or something else, it’s natural to reflect on your lifestyle and see if there are any changes you can make to benefit your health. Our helpline sometimes receives calls asking about whether there are specific […]

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Blog 3 February 2021

Kasper paves the way for his peers

Kasper and his drawing

Seven-year-old Kasper Mason recently got in touch to share the fantastic poster he drew for Glaucoma UK as part of his homeschooling work. His mum, Philippa, believes it’s important to teach children about looking after their eyes from a young age, in the hope they carry this habit on into adult life. Philippa, who works […]

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Blog 21 October 2020

Glaucoma and air travel

Inside an airplane cabin

People with glaucoma can usually fly on an airplane without any problems. Controlled air pressure inside the airplane’s cabin makes up for most of the natural drop in pressure when the plane reaches higher altitudes. A moderate decrease in atmospheric pressure will not cause an obvious rise in eye pressure. It is always advisable to […]

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Blog 30 June 2020

Our new logo explained…

Glaucoma UK logo

The charity has grown and evolved over the years, and we feel our new name and logo reflects who we are today and gives clarity about what we do. Our new logo has three sections, representing the three main areas of our work: awareness, support and research. They come together to form a logo icon […]

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